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The Total Gym

When I was 11 I was involved in martial arts, football and bmx. I always had 10-20 lbs on my friends, same height same food and we did the same stuff. Being the chunky kid wasn’t much fun unless  I was clobbering people in football.

For some reason out of the blue my best friend and I went to his mom’s house,after 6 yrs of being friends this was the first time I saw her. Her husband was loaded so we couldn’t put the gloves on and risk breaking an antique statue . We wondered to the basement and found the home gym. The karate studio I grew up in had a controlled machine for each individual muscle. They were kind of snooty and loaded, when I saw a basic treadmill  and the chincy total gym I kept seeing on tv.

Since I was 11 I wasn’t allowed to use weights until I turned 12 and this came from sensei, your muscles haven’t developed enough before 12 and can cause some pretty serious problems. Keep that in mind if you are working out and your child wants to do what you do. Before kids are 12 the can do resistance exercises and workouts where they use their own body weight, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and cardio are ideal.

The total gym looked cheaply built and when I looked at it, I didn’t think it was worth my time and jumped on the treadmill. My buddy put the total gym on the highest setting, it looked like it was going to tip over or break. 4 minutes later he had stripped down to his boxes, soaked in sweat from head to toe and throwing up.

To me this was exciting, in karate we didn’t count pull-ups, we went by how long you could do them, I could do pull-ups for five minutes, now I pretend I don’t see the pull up rack. So instead of jumping on this this and just going crazy,I popped in the video that came with it. I made it 3 or 4 minutes but I looked liked I jumped in a pool and my arms were sore, we did pull-ups and got hit with fighting sticks so we didn’t get sore.

We took turns for about an hour before his mom ran us off, but we decided we wanted to use the total gym every day.the next 3 days we showed up without calling so she could give excuses. She told him when we were leaving the 4th day in a row we were there exercising in the basement for 30 minutes that she needed a break from having us in the house. I love my mom, if she was standing there when mom of the year told her son not to come around for a while it would have been a TKO.

The next day I was walking across the living room in front of my mom, she stopped me , called me over and asked me if I was losing a bunch of weight.i jumped on the scale 13lbs in 4 days.

I rarely meet someone who’s not looking to stay in shape, working hard to stay in shape, and wishing for a better way. My mom spent and hour a day exercising and worked at the Honda factory.  After seeing my results and hearing me praise this thing, I don’t praise many workout machines, there’s tons of great ones but not a lot that I look forward to. We stayed up late that night watching infomercials until it came on, total gym on the way. It’s total gym 1500, basic model, the more expensive ones seemed like a waiste of money for extras you probably won’t use. The next one I get is going to be the next step up, I don’t a lot of the stuff on the high dollar machines but I am going to splurge for the nicer pad you lay on now that I’ve seen in person how long they  last.

To sum up my story, I stopped by my mom’s house the other night to visit. We were chatting about random stuff and I brought up my website. I haven’t used my digital camera since I bought it and don’t know where it is. I asked her if she had one so I could make a total gym video review. Then I told her I was going to buy a new one for the video. She said, just use the one downstairs.

Its been 20 years since she bought the one for me and her. I jumped up, excited like a little kid. “which one do you have” I said. She looked at me like I was crazy. “The same one I’ve always had “. I zipped down the stairs and there it sat. This total gym was just over $300 21 years ago.

I jumped on this antique and hit for about two minutes. It works like it did when we got it and my butt was worse out after that couple of minutes.

Not only did it seem like a sign that I’m heading in the right direction, it also gave me a lot more confidence in the product I’m marketing.

I wanted to share this with you because this helped me realize how important it is to have a product that you believe in, its also a product customers will appreciate, when trying to write about and promote a product.

I hope you guys enjoy this read. My website is meant to help people find the right exercise equipment for their home gym. If you’re looking for an all around great price of equipment, try the Total Gym. If you don’t like it, send it back.


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