Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Fitness Exercise Machine Equipment with Workout DVD

Price: $269.00 FREE Shipping
Strengthens and tones multiple major muscle groups simultaneously
  • Delivers a total body workout in only 10-20 minutes
  • Over 60 different exercises – cardio, strength training & stretch all on 1 machine
  • Accommodates beginner to advanced fitness levels – ages 8 to 80
  • Arrives fully assembled & folds for easy storage
Rec’d Total Gym 1400 a week earlier than orginally scheduled, which was great . Sadly for me, I quickly found out that I’m not in as good shape as I thought! The attachments included in this package are well worth this price, I have a friend thats a PT Trainer & she is certainly impressed with this machine & attachments.
I compared this machine to others & did lots of research before purchased THIS … 12 levels of body weight resistance was a major plus, the quality of the machine a plus, and the attachments when used gives you more exercising.
Inclosed with the machine, pins & attachments, also came a ‘FLIP CHART’ of exercisers that attaches to the top of the machine. Also included is a 50 minute DVD ( haven’t used this) and an ‘exercise guide’ booklet (8×11) and a ‘nutrition guide’. This is a complete package, you won’t really need to buy anything else.
I had ordered the ‘Total Gym’ exercise wall chart which is NOT needed (wish this was mentioned before)
Received my Total Gym in brand-new condition-no broken parts, no dents, no scratches. fresh off the manufacturer. Well-packaged. No marks or tearing on the box. Box was tied with flat plastic ropes so courier could easily carry it. Courier guy was kind enough to carry the box all the way inside my living room. Total Gym in box weighed about 83 lbs. The seller did a great job packaging it. 10000 stars to you!

Unboxing the Total Gym was easy. Just cut through the packing tape along the edges of the box, then lift the cardboard lid. Total Gym was folded and fully assembled inside the box. To get Total Gym (TG) out of the box, no need to lift it. Just cut along all four corners of the box and the box will collapse flat. Simply move TG off the now flat box. Make sure to remove all the cushioning, padding, and foam you find. Underneath the glideboard are two padded cardboards. Make sure to remove them. Did I say the TOTAL GYM came FULL ASSEMBLED? Yes it is fully assembled!

Not sure why some users are having a hard time folding and unfolding the TG. I am only 5ft 1in, and weight 137 lbs. I am a very tiny man but I don’t it difficult to fold and unfold the TG. The TG isn’t even heavy if you lift it folded. First few tries, yet it can be a bit tricky but once you know the steps, it’ll be quick. I can unfold mine in 2 minutes, and fold it back in 2 minutes, with minimum effort. The trick is to do SLOWLY and be aware of your fingers as you move it around the underside of the TG.

The TG comes with all the accessories you need:
1) short pins.
2)multi-adjustment handlebars,
3)a set of dip bars
4)foot board
5)owners manual,
6)DVD featuring Dan Isaacson discussing 18 exercises you can do three times a week (excellent dvd produced in 2002, and he still says “Rewind the tape”. It’s that old but still VERY USEFUL.) I encourage prospective buyers to watch it.
7)Exercise Manual
8)Flash Card with rings containing exercises shown on manual
9)TG clipboard to mount flash cards

This is my first TG and I am loving it. I strongly recommend this product. You might not end up looking like Chuck Norris (yikes!)with all his chest hair; but you will definitely have a great workout. Also, don’t forget to purchase two rubber mats from Total Gym. You don’t want to scratch your floors or tear your carpet.

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