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When you head to the Columbus, Oh sports store, workout retailer or right here online, you’re going to want to find the best workout equipment for your very own home gym. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get what you need to get or stay in shape. I don’t want to say ” buy cheap exercise equipment” because you get what you pay for. With that being said there are many different options to choose from that don’t cost a fortune to add to your home gym but are still high quality products.

Where to start?

This depends on the kind of shape you are currently in and the short term and long term fitness goals you have set in place. Your goals are an important step to you workout regimen just like you want to have goals in life to become successful. Usually when people decide to start exercising it’s because they may not be in the best of shape or have added some unwanted pounds along the way. If this is the case you may want to start with cardio equipment and cardio training to start breathing better and shaving off those extra pounds. Women and men’s body chemistry is very different and you should take this into consideration when building your Columbus, Oh home gym.

When it comes to cardio for women longer sessions with low intensity helps build lean muscle mass. Unless you are in a Columbus, Oh weight competition, it’s not a bad idea to stay away from free weights, especially if you are just starting to exercise. Ellipticals, stationary bikes and treadmills are efficient tools you can use for cardio. I prefer the low impact of the Eliptical because knee problems run in my family. These aren’t going to be your cheapest equipment purchases but they are necessary for your personal gym. Shopping around and finding workout equipment sales can be time-consuming but can also save a lot of money. We do the shopping around for you and provide you with a variety of brands to choose from.


If you have a gym membership in Columbus, Oh or the budget for both I suggest more machines in the beginning and gradually moving to a combination of both. While you are trying to get in shape you, the chances of you getting injured are a lot higher than they will be once you have been exercising for a while and are in a better physical condition. Injuries are more common with free weights than exercise machines because you have less control and probably don’t have a spotter for you home gym. If it’s not in your budget for both you need to look at your long term goals to decide which is a better fit for you. If your main goal is to build muscle mass, go for the free weights. Free weights are far from free and since you want to avoid injuries, start small and add to your collection over time. By doing this you won’t have to fork out a lump sum of money all at once and hopefully it will help you pace yourself.

Men’s body composition is different from women’s in many ways. When you start your cardio training the samekinds of exercise machines will do, shorter intervals and higher intensity workouts is what you will want. Basically the same amount of exercise in a shorter period of time,

¬†If you don’t want to splurge on expensive equipment right away,¬†there are some cheaper optionsin Columbus, Oh. Vertical climbers and medicine balls are just a couple choices that are going to be on the cheaper side of your equipment and still achieve great results.

Free Weights or Machines

Ultimately it’s what fits you best and what’s in your budget. Keep in mind that exercising regulary is a lifestyle change that shouldn’t be rushed. If you try to increase your weight limit too fast you are more likely to get hurt and you won’t be able to stay in shape at all if you throw out you back from exceeding your limits. Workout machines and free weights are going to play a big part in your Columbus, Oh home gym but know your limitations.


Spinning can be a great way to push yourself to achieve your fitness goals. Not for everyone but if you are compitition driven spinning classes may be right for you. Several stationary exercise bikes can now hook up to your wifi and you can compete with others around the world in spinning classes. Some of these exercise bikes can get expensive but if you look at the big picture and can eliminate some of the cheaper workout equipment by buying a nice spinning bike it can actually save you a lot of money. Before you go this route be sure you are going to have the time to spend on the bike and it’s going to be a piece of exercise equipment that you plan on using regulary. Nothing is worse than an expensive clothes rack.

If spinning is something you’re interested in but not sure about, call around to your local gyms and see who offers spinning classes and who offers a free trial period and give it a shot before you make a large purchase. If you’re dedicated and know once you start you’ll stick with it, grab the handle bars and start spinning. The world is yours, not just Columbus, Oh.

Take Your Time And Choose The Best Workout Equipment For You

Ultimately when choosing the best workout equipment for your Columbus, Oh home gym, It’s all about your goals and the best fit for you. There’s really no right or wrong answer as long as you utilize the exercise equipment you purchase, set goals and stick to them. I hope this helps you decide the best options for you and your home gym.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I hope to hear from you and wish you the best of luck setting up your personal home gym. Thanks for reading, Joe.