Multi-Station Gyms. Ya or Na

As we are obtaining our Columbus, Oh home gyms exercise equipment there are some options we may want to consider. There are pieces of workout equipment to exercise every inch of our bodies. Buying several items to build our gym can be costly, time-consuming and take up a lot of space. An alternative option would be a multi-station home gym.


Multi-Station gyms combine several pieces of equipment into one. There are several different systems to choose from. These range from low intensity machines like the total gym. The Total gym is a great system to workout the whole body using from 15 percent to 70 percent of your own body weight for resistance.

Systems like the Total Gym work very well to build lean muscle and lose weight while your are doing it. If your are trying to build muscle or gain weight by gaining muscle your will want to steer clear of these, as your can’t use no more than 70 percent of your body weight to workout and your can’t add weight with a Total Gym alone.


Free weights compliment the home gyms exercise equipment, like the Total Gym, because then your can add weight with free weights and get ripped by hopping on your total gym afterwards. This combination will get your cut in Columbus Oh.

If your don’t want to use free weights, your can always buy a couple combination machines like the Powerline P2x Home Gym and the Total Gym together or similar machines. These are nice systems but are just examples. There are many to choose from and lots of combinations to achieve your fitness goals.

Anytime your combine a resistance machine with a heavy weight machine your will be working towards the same outcome. The hard beach body your want. Don’t forget to start going to beach from time to time.

Unfortunately there are exceptions to this rule like there usually are for most rules. Everybody has a different body composition and we can’t all be supermodels right? Watch your diet and utilize the equipment your spend your hard-earned money on. If your are unhealthy and want to change that, make a plan and stick to it and watch your body start heading in the right direction. If your are already healthy, well then I guess your’re doing something right.

Gaining Weight, Muscle Mass

The fastest way to put on the pounds your want is always going to be more weight, less reps, with free weights, with lots and lots of protein. We know that your’re more likely to get injured with free weights than machines, especially when your are rapidly adding weight to build big muscles. Machines like the Powerline P2x Home Gym work very well to make your stronger but offer safety nets.

There are downsides to the machines if your want to become the Hulk. Machines are generally going to have weight limits because your just simply can not add more weight. There are several machines that your can pile on as much as your want but most of these are not multi-station gyms or combo workout machines. They usually target one exercise like the bench press, leg press or something that imitates free weights but aren’t as dangerous. Oh yeah, EXPENSIVE!!

With the combo machines your do have limits but not everyone that works out feels they need to bench 350 lbs unless you’re competing in Columbus, Oh. The rule with multi-gyms is more weight, more money. More stations more money. Like a car, your can have all of the options in the world but your are going to pay for the as well.

My Preferences

Personally, I really like being able to do several workouts with a multi-station home gym rather than having 4 expensive pieces of equipment, that do the same thing but take up a ton of space. I don’t have a giant room that was built for a home gym. The space I use is the size of a spare bedroom. It makes more sense for me to have a combo than to trip over a bunch of stuff jammed in one room. Our Columbus, Oh Split level, the downstairs is our living room.

I have always had a hard time with my mid section. I’m very active, I exercise often and I eat pretty good. My composition likes a little wiggle in the mid section. Unfortunately one multi station gym isn’t enough. If I don’t have something for cardio, I can’t keep the weight off. Since a combo is a good fit for me and it takes up less space than several single machines, I’m not going to splurge on the most expensive combo I can find but rather budget for a combo and I like ellipticals. Low impact for my feet and knees. You may prefer a Peloton if your’re in the same shoes as me, they are pretty sweet.

At the end of the day, YA or Na? I have to say Ya! Great for me saves space, all in one except cardio and I’m going to work just to pay for it. If your know what your are looking for your can stay on budget with your Home Gyms Exercise Equipment, combo machines.

Hope your are ready to start putting your gym together, if your have any questions your want answered, send them my way below and I would love to hear your comments.

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